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iBeacon introduce
iBeacon is a low-power Bluetooth technology, transmitting a signal from the base station, receiving the feedback signal, iBeacon positioning, positioning technology can make the corresponding application technology. For many businesses, attractions, etc. to provide a complete exposition of Beacon base station, App application and SDK. equipped with TI CC2541 Bluetooth chip, button batteries by a.IBeacon deployment or more in a certain range of transmission equipment iBeacon beacon identification code in their composition. On the receiving device software can find iBeacon and achieve a variety of functions. For example, notify the user, the receiving device can also attribute configuration service through the link iBeacons. Mobile phone software can be used from the received iBeacons signal to push notifications. Specifically, using the broadcast frame in BLE. The broadcast frame is periodically transmitted frames, as long as the BLE device can receive.IBeacon data mainly by four UUID, Minor, Major, Measured, Minor, Power.Major iBeacon and ID are 16.Measured Minor Power Major RSSI BLE is 1m iBeacon ID. The receiver is equipped with low power Bluetooth communication function. The receiver is equipped with low power Bluetooth communication. The receiver is equipped with a ID Strength Indicator to complete the push. The receiver is based on Signal.

Compatible equipment
Supports Bluetooth 4 IOS devices such as iPhone4s and above, iPad third generation and above, mini iPad first generation and above, Touch iPod fifth generation support X Mavericks OS 10.9 operating system and Bluetooth 4 of apple computer.
Android 4.3 and more such as Samsung S3/S4/S4 Mini Galaxy, Samsung Note 2/3 HTC, One Galaxy, Nexus Google/LG 72013 4/Nexus version/Nexus 5, Butterfly HTC, One OnePlus




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