BG330 Bluetooth4.0 Module

Product description
BG330 Application module is a combination of customer needs, a program module design Bough electronic technology, BG330 UART port module according to the customer need to combine the product design of serial communication module and MCU module, using TI CC2541 as the core processor of high performance, ultra low power RF transmitting and receiving module, follow the low-power Bluetooth protocol suitable for single mode, low power Bluetooth transmission rate.1Mbps and GFSK standard RF transceiver, small size 16*11*2mm structure, used in intelligent Home Furnishing series products, intelligent medical products, smart appliances series products, wireless remote control, camera control, iBeacon, iWatch, pedometer, printer, 3D glasses, tire pressure gauge, anti lost and other products.

Technical description

1Bluetooth is compatible with low power consumption technology, DC 2.2-3.6V power supply, the sleep mode current is less than 1uA, real low power products.
High performance Antenna Chip design, can choose the external welding antenna.  
Receive mode current 18mA, transmit mode current 21mA.
4ISM 2.4GHZ frequency band, GFSK modulation mode.

The receiving sensitivity of the standard mode is greater than that of at -86dBm 0.1% BER.
6Accurate RSSI received signal strength testing.
7Built in high performance 8051 microcontroller, for a simple product can save MCU.
8Built in AES protocol encryption technology.
9OAD air upgrade to achieve the function, you can use the APP Bluetooth 4 module for software updates.

10Support Android 4.3 or above, support IOS 7 or above.
Support device name changes, support broadcast time changes, support link time changes.
Support the broadcast data changes, support for baud rate selection changes.
Products through Bluetooth BQB, FCC, CE, Japan, Taiwan and other certification.




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